I'm an award-winning filmmaker/writer. When I'm not making art for art's sake I design and direct art for Fortune 500 companies, startups, non-profits, and other filmmakers. My past experience includes Grey Worldwide, Y&R, Blue Sky Studios, and freelance for production companies in NYC, UK, France, and Malaysia.






What I Make

Advertising, Art, Brand Films, Cel Animations, Commercials - Video, Concept Art, Logos, Street Art, Visual Designs

Located in Brooklyn, NY
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  • BuzzFeed News - Motion Graphics Animator
  • ASIFA East (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation) - Front end web designer
  • The Productive Studios - Art Director/ Copywriter
  • Transistor Studios - Designer
  • Aggressive  - Storyboard Artist 
  • Breakfast of Champions (UK) - Storyboard Artist
  • Georama TV Productions (France) - Storyboard Artist
  • Animated Storyboards - Storyboard Artist
  • Eyeball - Storyboard Artist.
  • 1st Avenue Machine - Storyboard Artist
  • Mantra Design - Storyboard Artist
  • Gravity (formally RhinoFX) - Animator
  • The Cement Bloc  - Animator
  • Charlex -  Animator
  • Dancing Diablo  - Animator
  • Partizan/Michel Gondry & Paul Gondry - Animator
  • Plus et Plus - Animator


  • The Productive Studios - I lead a team in making an animated Intel commercial called What Are Girls Made Of? (2013). It was released in theaters with the film Girl Raising.

  • ADA Sport - I conceptualized and created a short film, Urban Stencil (2010). It won an award for Excellence in Design, ASIFA-East Animation Festival 2011. 
  • Flaming Medusa Studios - I lead a team in making an animation segment called Lighthouses (2008) in a Live-action pilot.
  • Work In Progress/B-Train Films - Episode Director. I lead an animation team on episodes of Generation Jets animated series (2004).



Creating ideas, Problem solving, Design, File/folder organization, Drawning,  Cel animation, 8-bit animation, Collage, Ink, Flash, After Effects composite, Premiere, Final Cut Pro,  InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Film and digital photography, Set lights for film, video and digital.


  • IdeaMachine - Managing Animator. We create videos to help companies communicate with their team and commercials to introduce brands to people.
  • Larry Schwartz and His Band  - Animator. Cel animated (in Flash) objects, monsters, and psycho squirrels that interacted with live-action (UK series).
  • GREY Worldwide  - Jr. Illustrator. I drew backgrounds and painted presentation storyboards for droves of products including P&G and Diageo brands.
  • Blue Sky Studios - Storyboard Painter. I painted storyboard frames for Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006).
  • Funny Garbage  - Editor. Disney’s Katbot animated series (2005). I edited show animatics from storyboard slugs and raw audio, editied SFX, and exported dailies to Disney producers in LA.


School of Visual Arts.  BFA Film, Video and Animation.

Personal Film Projects

LATE (2014)

  • Awards: Best Narrative Short -Animation Block Party (Brooklyn), Best Animation Film, Sunderland Short Film Festival (UK), 3rd Place Independent Film, ASIFA East Animated Film Festival (NYC)
  • Broadcast: Reel13 PBS Channel 13 (October, 2016)
  • Screened at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian :DINÉ SPOTLIGHT: A Showcase of Navajo Film

    Urban Stencil (2010)

  • Awards: Execellence in Design - ASIFA East Animated Film Festival (NYC) (2011)

  • Featured on CartoonBrew.com and Drawn.ca

    Ark City (2002)
  • Awards: Execellence in Design - ASIFA East Animated Film Festival (NYC) (2011)
  • Featured on Channel.Frederator (2006)


Saxophone (Alto, Bari, Tenor), Javelin, Karaoke, Bowling, Skateboard (no ollie), Juggle 3 items, Fix things, Build things, Ride a bike in Midtown, Driven Cube Trucks and 15 pass vans for production, Craft service, Edit 16mm film using a Steenbeck and razor blade, Saved Princess Toadstool, Spin music with Virtual DJ, Ran 3 marathons.