My ideal place

My ideal place

This is my ad for renting a room: Single Queer Female With Cat In Search of A Bedroom N Brooklyn With Internet and Livingroom. I tried Joan Holloway's opener and got a lot of creepy dudes.

Looking for a med size bedroom for $800 in Ditmas Park, Prospect Park South, Flatbush, or Kensington. I've lived in a studio apt, but would rather live with people and hope to find roommates who feel the same way. Plus it's more affordable. I'd prefer to live in a queer house or queer-friendly environment. Common Space such as a living-room with a TV and large kitchen are a plus.



I'm Christi. An animator, filmmaker, adjunct professor, and queer. So, I like 2D animation and gay movies. I play saxophone but never practice, so I'll definitely never practice at night. My schedule revolves around my classes at the moment.

  • Employed
  • Non-cigarette smoker
  • Social Drinker
  • Omnivore
  • Can bake pies
  • Cleanish
  • No hard drugs
  • Helps with apartment chores
  • Cool with other housemates having guests
  • I don't have many guests
  • Has an Awesome Cat
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It's not just me, everyone seems to love Michael. He's a very chill cat. Not into cuddling, but he likes to be near people. He's proven himself able to live with other cats. Though he has a weakness for plants and sitting on dark, clean laundry. He also likes to hang out in the bathtub and might ask for water from the tub's fossett.

I will also keep his litter box clean.

More Stuff

Naturally, I'm a night owl, though school/work forces me to be a day person. If I end up working in my room all night, I'm pretty quiet. On the weekend I miiiiight be found binge watching Madmen (again) or Wynonna Earp or some other Netflix show (I can supply Netflix and Hulu) in the living room. Hopefully, it's a thing you like to do too or at least cool with me doing it sometimes. Living rooms are common areas and I wouldn't want anyone to feel like I'm trying to take it over.

I'm a little bit of an extrovert, but also like alone time in my room to work or relax. My ideal place is a place with creative people, geeks, cigarette free, or respectfully out the window, 420 and alcohol are cool within reason but please no hard drugs. I sound like a square right now. I enjoy a clean kitchen and bathroom. Cool with chore lists. I never have food but I'm working on that. Actually, I've started making pies.